Root Systems and Software Development is a programming company founded in 2018 by a highly motivated, innovative and enthusiastic programmer. We do not focus on making a profit, but we focus on giving you the best tool to grow your company! It may be a website, a web application, a mobile application or even a software! We will deliver at all cost.

Mission & Vission

The objective is to make life easier for companies to operate, we ensure to give you the best quality product! We want to see South Africa progress in the digital market world.

Productive Staff

Meet Our Staff

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! Take that step with us! you won't regret it

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Sanele "Root" Ndlovu

Web Designer Front-end Developer Back-end Developer

Durban University of Technology graduate! His motto : "Suffer today so you can enjoy tomorrow, don't enjoy today because you will suffer tomorrow".